Fehendhoo, Goidhoo Atoll, Maldives

We have found a beautiful place to get lost!

Soft Opening of our Atholhu Residence coming soon.

Probably in Autumn 2021. We will let you know soon!

Atholhu Residence at Fehendhoo Island at Goidhoo Atoll in Maldives 

"Welcome to the Maldives, where the sand is white as the smile of the locals, where fish happily frolics in the warm azure waters and where the sun tickles you with his rays almost throughout the year, welcome in a tropical paradise. Know the unknown, experience the real local life, become a local for a few days. Know the real Maldives, so lazy, so kind, so cool! Experience Atholhu Residence and our beautiful island Fehendhoo at Goidhoo Atoll."

Fehendhoo, Goidhoo Atoll, Maldives

We are not just another ordinary guest house, we are Atholhu Residence

Atholhu Residence, abbreviated as AR, is our own residence (not just another ordinary guest house), which can also be conceived as a private villa for a group of friends or colleagues. The residence is designed in a natural and cozy style, which inherently belongs to a tropical lost paradise. Atholhu Residence is located at inhabited local island Fehendhoo on the small Goidhoo Atoll (Horsburgh Atoll or Goifulhafehendhu Atoll), which administratively belonging to Baa Atoll and which is home of mantas, whale sharks, hammerheads and other marine and terrestrial animals.


Atholhu Residence has 6 double rooms with own private open bathrooms. The residence has a Sangu reception, which is open 24-hours. Whenever and whatever you need (except for alcohol and drugs), our AR Teemu team will provide it. Sangu's reception includes a small library Kuthubukhaanaa and a small shop Kuda Bazaar, where you can buy souvenirs and other goods.


Except the kitchen and other facilities, you will find here Kaashi Theyo Spa (Coconut Spa), the Hiyani relaxation corner with a fresh-water swimming pool, the Baiskoafuge cinema and the Araamu Kotari lounge, which is during the meal time transformed into a restaurant Raha, where you can enjoy delicious dishes, mainly local maldivian cuisine, but also chosen asian, mediterranean and other international cuisine. Meals are prepared mainly from fresh local ingredients, fresh fish and chicken. There are Signature Menu, homemade ice lollies, ice cream and other traditional and original delicacies. For lovers of superfoods we offer fresh Moringa and Chia seeds.


If you long for breakfast and lunch in the shade of palm trees or a romantic candlelit or moonlight dinner on the shores of the Indian Ocean, a few meters from the residence (not just another ordinary guest house) is our private beach Athiri by AR, where our team will serve for you breakfast, lunch and dinner at our second restaurant Masverin Ge Grill (Fisherman's Grill), partly in the open air and partly in the shade. You can also enjoy afternoon coffee or tea at Athiri by AR and watch the sunset during certain months of the season. You can also observe the stars all year round with our small telescope. Because the Maldives are so close to the equator, the night sky is really unreal here.


At Athiri by AR you will find many small nooks for your perfect relaxation. And when you feel tired, you will not be bored with us, you will also find a smaller corner Muraka with our own non-motorized water sports. There are many activities, excursions, trips and experiences on offer.


You'll catch a perfect tan on our second private beach, Bikini Athiri by AR, the most beautiful spot in the entire Fehendhoo Island. There is also a small Jangali seating area where you can enjoy a “Robinson Crusoe” grill.


Environmental protection will be an important part of our residence, and so in the near future AR will also be partially powered by solar panels.


The philosophy of our residence (not just another ordinary guest house) is inspired by the network of luxury resorts Soneva, which has the motto “No News, No Shoes”. Our main goal is to take a break from everyday stress, to free yourself from common stereotypes and to relax your body and soul. We are not just another ordinary guesthouse or hotel on inhabited local islands, of which are in Maldives over 500, we are Atholhu Residence!

Fehendhoo, Goidhoo Atoll, Maldives