Restaurant Raha, Atholhu Residence, Fehendhoo, Maldives

Raha Restaurant or Taste Maldives, Taste the World

At in house restaurant Raha you can enjoy delicious dishes mainly from local, maldivian cuisine, but also from srilankan, indian, asian, levantien (arabian), italian, mediterranean and other international cuisine. Meals are prepared mainly from fresh local ingredients, fresh fish and chicken. There are Signature Menu, homemade ice lollies, ice cream and other traditional and original delicacies. For lovers of superfoods we offer fresh Moringa and Chia seeds.

In house restaurant Raha offers

- free coffee and tea all day (your own preparation)

- catering in the form of special and themed menus

- à la carte meals

- special meals such as diet, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free etc. are available at an additional cost, only on reservation when booking accommodation (99% of food is imported to the Maldives and special menus are not cheap)

- seafood, lobster and other sea creatures are only available on request and must be ordered min. 48 hours before consumption; Attention, this is no cheap matter!

- and much more

Menus coming soon!

Dress Code or Clothing suitable for in house restaurant Raha

- for breakfast, lunch and dinner we do not require any evening gown or official dress code, we only need to adhere to the dress rules on the local island; if you feel good in leggings or in your tracksuit and cotton shirt, please put it on. More informations about Dress Code at Atholhu Residence and Fehendhoo Island.