Meal plans and Menus of Atholhu Residence

Meal Plans & Menus of Atholhu Residence are made with love for food and many years of food experiences in different guest houses, hotels and resorts in Maldives and much more countries. Be ready, we will do our best to keep your tummy always happy. 

We don't offer and can't be purchased with stay at Atholhu Residence:

Room Only (RO) or only accommodation without meals and drinks.

Bed and Breakfast (BB or B&B) or accommodation with breakfast only. We offer this option only on online reservation systems (OTA's) and at the price of half board, which we offer when you will book your stay with travel agency or tour operator “other way holiday” or directly at Atholhu Residence! Book with "other way holiday" or directly at Atholhu Residence and save!

We do offer and can be purchased with stay at Atholhu Residence:

Half Board (HB) that includes breakfast and dinner, including drinks served during meals, such as still water, coffee or tea. Soft drinks are chargeable.

Full Board (HB) is a full-board accommodation which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, including drinks served during meals, such as still water, coffee or tea. Soft drinks are chargeable.

Tea Time or Afternoon snack is small refreshemant which include snacks, sweets, still water, coffee or tea and it's served by the pool at Hiyani or at Athiri Beach by AR according the daily program and weather conditions.

We also offer Full Board and Tea Time (afternoon snacks) and various packages including excursions and activities.


“Half Board, Full Board and À la Carte menus will be available soon. Look forward not only for maldivian dishes, fresh grilled fish, tuna steaks, sushi and sashimi but for much more. I prepared the menu personally because I am not only born of Taurus and therefore I am a lover of good food, but also because I know very well what is served at other guesthouses in Maldives and what I really definitelly don't want to serve to our guests. The food quality and your happy tummy is very important for us. ”Lucie

This is how you will dine at Atholhu Residence and at Raha or Masverin Ge Grill

Served breakfast

Our breakfasts will be varied with a choice of 14 different menus, from fruits to other local and international delicacies. Not like in other guest houses where you get, two toasts, butter, jam, one to two pieces of the cheapest sausage, which are not possible to eat, one not very well fried egg, cold beans from can, water, instant juice and the most common Nescafé Classic and for everything else, ie for better coffee and juice from fresh fruit or fresh juice you have to pay extra! During breakfast with us, among other things, complimentary, which offers only luxury resorts, we serve Lavazza Espresso coffee, delicious Ceylon (srilankan) tea and juice of fresh seasonal fruits and of course also still water.


Served lunches

Lunch will be light with more courses according to the theme day program. Still water, coffee (Nescafé Gold) or tea are always served during meals and at the price of the selected meal plan. Additional drinks are available at an additional cost.


Served dinners

Dinners will also be multi-course and more festive than lunch. Still water, coffee (Nescafé) or tea are always served during meals and at the price of the selected meal plan. Additional drinks are available at an additional cost.

Dining times in Raha or Masverin Ge Grill

Meals are served either in the Raha in house restaurant or at the Masverin Ge Grill beach restaurant. The place of boarding is determined according to the residence schedule and also according to weather conditions. In case of bad weather (rain, strong wind, storm, etc.), meals will only be served in the in-house restaurant Raha.


Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 9:30 (consumption until 10:00).


Lunch is served from 12:30 to 14:00. On Friday from 13:30 to 14:30 because of Friday's Prayer Time.


Tea Time or Snacks are served from 16:00 to 17:00.


Dinners are served from 19:00 to 20:30.


It is strictly forbidden to import and bring your own food in any from to Atholhu Residence or to Athiri by AR. Stay with us, eat with us. If you will buy anything anywhere, eat it there.

If the weather is good, you can enjoy Cooking Classes.


Note: In the whole Maldives, including luxury resorts, 99% of the food is imported from all over the world and some ingredients may not be available and food or drink may not be prepared. It is always necessary to count with this fact in the Maldives!!! Delivery of goods is sometimes very difficult due to weather and sea conditions.

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