Special Offers, Atholhu Residence

Special offers of Atholhu Residence & other way holiday

Special Offers & Benefits of Atholhu Residence are based on many years of experiences with clients of travel agency and tour operator „other way holiday“ and tourism industry in Maldives. If you will not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

Special offers which can be customized for your needs

Family stays at Atholhu Residence and at the island Fehendhoo

In the case of family stays with us, you will encounter several limitations, namely that we do not accommodate children under 6 years of age. Children 6 to 10 years old are subject to review and are accommodated only exceptionally. In our residence we prefer to stay children over 10 years of age, one of the safety reasons (pool), the limited size of rooms, which can accommodate a maximum of 3 people of any age and for noise reasons. The only exception can be our repeater guests and clients, our family members and close friends with well-behaved children. If you are interested in a family holiday on Fehendhoo with children under 6 years of age, we will accommodate you in the partner neighbouring guest house “White Lagoon Fehendhoo” or “Tropical Village”, which have family rooms and can accommodate 4 to 5 people (2 adults and 3 children).


Group stays of “any” type

For groups from 6 adults, when booking 3 rooms for a minimum of 7 nights, we have a special discount for you. When booking 12 adults, i.e. 6 double rooms for a minimum of 7 nights, we offer one person for free of charge as group leader. The more rooms and the more nights you book, the better price and special bonuses we will tailor to your needs. If you are interested in group stays of "any" type, from corporate, diving, senior, student, beauty, yoga, active, etc., do not hesitate to contact us. We can prepare anything according to the laws of the Maldives.

Stay long get more or Stay long with benefits and complimentary excursions and actvities

Stay with us over 7 nights and get benefits. Stay with us over 10 nights and get more benefits and some complimentary activites. Stay with us over 14 nights and get lot of benefits and complimentary activites and some excursions. Stay long program will be available soon.

Benefits for our loyal guests or Repeaters

In the case you are our repeater, expect from us some benefits. Loyalty program will be available soon.

Snorkeling madness and Stay at Atholhu Residence and at island Fehendhoo

If you love snorkeling and especially manta, Fehendhoo and Goidhoo Atoll is the right place for you. Due to the presence of sea grass and the oxygenation of the sea, we have many living corals. All year round we have mantas and a huge shark. Sometimes even two. In the rain season it is possible to meet whales in our small atoll.


Freediving madness and Stay at Atholhu Residence and at island Fehendhoo

If you love freediving, coral blocks at depths of up to 5 m and the house coral reef at Fehendhoo Island is the real heaven for you. You will find many big fishes, sharks (veggies), rays, random sharks, manta and other sea creatures.


Diving madness and Stay at Atholhu Residence at Island Fehendhoo

If you are a type of diver who does not need 3 to 4 dives a day, do not like to spend a night on a boat, enjoy diving and relax on the beach, do activities other than diving or beginners or intermediate, Fehendhoo and Goidhoo Atoll is right for you. Fehendhoo and Goidhoo Atoll offers several beautiful places, especially inside the atoll. It is also possible to hit the hammerhead. However, these dives are for advanced use only.


Snorkeling and Diving is possible all your round but the best visibility is from January till April. Snorkeling and Diving with mantas and whale shark is possible all your round but the top season is from May to December.


Fishing madness and Stay at Atholhu Residence at Fehendhoo Island

If you love fishing, the Goidhoo Atoll / Baa Atoll is one of the 3 most famous atolls in the Maldives for fishing. The larger a bunch of fishermen you are, the better the price of fishing will be. Fishing is possible any time in the year but the top season is from late November to late April.


Kitesurfing madness and Stay at Atholhu Residence at Fehendhoo Island

IF you are kitesurfing lover, Goidhoo Atoll is perfect for you. We do have many experienced kitesurfers at our small atoll. One of those is Asian Champion. The best time for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing is from May to January.


Engagement, symbolic wedding / renewal of Wovs or Honeymoon and why not just 3in1

Are you planning to propose to your marriage, marry her or spend a wonderful honeymoon with her in the Maldives? What about all in one? What about the renewal of the wedding vow? other way holiday and Atholhu Residence will ensure everything you desire. Do not hesitate to contact us for a special offer tailored for you. Basic packages will be available on the web very soon. Price start from 700 USD.

Special Offer for Honeymooners

If you are Honeymooners, we have ready for you some complimentary surprises.


Birthday party, wedding anniversary or the other anniversaries

Do you have a birthday during your stay or is it celebrated? Come for him / her to catch some surprise with him, e.g. in the form of a romantic dinner on the beach or on the sand bank, which is also suitable for celebrating wedding anniversary or meeting.


Solo / Single stay at Atholhu Residence

There are no single rooms in the Maldives. If you are single, we always accommodate you in a double room. The price for a single room is the same as for a double room except for extra meals for the second person. It is always good to travel in two, as single stays are not worth it. If you still want to travel single, safe and not to be bored, do not worry, very friendly and relaxed team Atholhu Residence will take care of you. Atholhu Residence has only double beds.


Christmas and New Year's Eve at Atholhu Residence and Fehendhoo

If you are thinking to spend a holiday on Fehendhoo for Christmas and New Year's Eve, or in high season, book your holiday on time, preferably during the summer, to prevent us from being sold out. Do not leave last minute bookings from mid-December to late March! These are the most demanded dates as it is the top season! Christmas and New Year's Eve will not take place as you know it, because it is not celebrated in the Maldives, inhabited islands, but there will be a light festive dinner with several courses and another program.


Easter and other holidays at Atholhu Residence and Fehendhoo

Many of us today are trying to escape the celebration of various holidays such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter and so on, so we decided not to celebrate these holidays in our residence. And why? One reason is that I personally dislike them and run away from them, and the other reason is respect for local culture, religion and Maldivian laws.


Traditional Maldivian holidays at Fehendhoo

For stays during Ramadan or other traditional EID holidays, whether Muslim or Maldivian, you will experience many interesting traditions and local festivities on the island.


Hulhumale City Tour

If you arrive in the evening and must stay at Hulhumale overnight, we will arrange accommodation for you at Hulhumale including the following program.


Tour at Capital City Male

If you arrive a day earlier and wait for a boat or plane on Hulhumale or Male, we can organize a sightseeing tour of Male on request.


Day visit of The Marina at Crossroads

If you arrive a day earlier of have late evening departure, you can also visit the artificial islands and new entertainment hub for tourists and locals The Marina at Crossroad, which is far by just 15 minutes long cruise from capital city Male. This artificial islands offer marina, beach, water sports and dive centre, many shops, restaurants, Café Del Mar, hotels and much more.


Day visit of the resort

From Fehendhoo you can visit the resorts Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, party island with endless sand bank Seaside Finolhu and Royal Island Resort & Spa or Kihaa Maldives. The visit, however, depends on the occupancy of the resorts and on the season. If you are interested in visiting other resorts that are close to Male or Hulhumale, it is possible to combine your stay with a stay on the island of Hulhumale or on a very populated and tourist island of Maafushi, where you can visit a few selected resorts. Only a few selected resorts accept visitors. As a standard, resorts protect and respect clients who have paid for their stays for considerable amounts.


Combination of stay on Fehendhoo Island and resort or another inhabited island at Goidhoo Atoll, Baa Atoll or other Atoll

If you are interested in getting to know local life on Fehendhoo and then enjoy relaxing and pampering for a few nights at the resort or other inhabited local island, it is possible to combine your stay with any resort or inhabited island in the Maldives, preferably the one on Goidhoo Atoll, Baa Atoll, Noonu Atoll, North and South Male Atoll, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Vaavu Atoll and other Atolls. Everything depends only on your financial possibilities.


Stopover or a short stop for just a few nights at Atholhu Residence and Fehendhoo

To make your stay in the Maldives and especially at the Atholhu Residence worthwhile, we recommend spending at least 5 nights with us. If you stay for less nights, you just wasted your time and waste your money. Bookings for less than 3 nights at Atholhu Residence are not accepted. The more nights you stay with us, the more you earn.

For a quotation specifically tailored to you and more information, please feel free to write us an e-mail or call us.