Kotari or Rooms at Atholhu Residence, Fehendhoo, Maldives

Kotari or Rooms at Atholhu Residence

Atholhu Residence can accommodate a maximum of 18 people in 6 double rooms (Kotari) with one extra bed in each room. Every room has own attached open bathroom. In the rooms is possible to find many accessoried for your comfortable vacation at our residence at Fehendhoo in Maldives.

Your home away from home offer

- a little welcome surprise

- check-in: 14:00 or on availability, check out: 12:00 or on availability

- room service

- WIFI is free (limited data volume)

- telephone and other office equipment are available at the front desk (above all we want you to relax from work rather than work)

- all rooms and open bathrooms are non-smoking !!!

- 2x 0.5 l bottle of drinking water per person daily for free

- laundry and ironing are possible for a fee

- and much more

Names of the Kotari and the View

Rooms at Atholhu Residence are named after the sea shells found in the Maldives. Rooms have the same size and facilities. They differ by the views and possible noise from the surroundings.


The first room from the main entrance of Atholhu Residence, which is adjacent to Kashi Theyo Spa, is called Naiboli and overlooks Hiyani, a relaxation area and a swimming pool. This is the most beautiful view, but there may could be some noise from the surroundings.


The second room is called Sandhara, and you can partly see it at Hiyani, Sangu's reception and Raha Restaurant, which is also a relaxing place for Araamu Kotari. This is the second most beautiful view, but again there may could be some noise from the surroundings.


The third room is called Raakani and you can see it at Raha Restaurant and Araamu Kotari's relaxation and lounge rooms. View of the restaurant and the possibility of bustle from the restaurant during meals or evening program.


The fourth room is called Boli and you can see it into the residence corridor. You may not be impressed by the view, but on the other hand there will be more peace and shadow.


The fifth room is called Rindhali and you can also see it into the residence corridor. As with the fourth room of Boli, you may not be impressed by the view, but the positive is the greater peace and shade.


The sixth room is called Golha and as with the fourth and fifth rooms you will see it into the corridor. The biggest positive of this room is the greatest peace and shade.


Each double room with a queen double bed is a total of 24 m2 large. The bedroom has 17 m2 and bathroom 8 m2. These are not large rooms, but above all a functional and cozy place where you want to spend your time, even if outside weather is accidentally bad.

The Kotari, the View and the Accessories

In the Kotari / room you will find the following accessories:

- air conditioning

- ceiling fan

- king size double bed - 1 large comfortable mattress (the bed cannot be divided into 2 double beds)

- 2 bedside tables with lamp

- a wardrobe in which a safe, an umbrella, hangers, bathrobes are hidden

- coat rack

- desk with lamp, tissues, chair

- design lights and interior accessories (we assume that they will stay there to make the stay more comfortable for other guests)

- TV

- mini bar

- the rooms can accommodate a maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults and 1 child according our children policy. Atholhu Residence don’t accept stay of newborns, toddlers and preschool children. Children from 6 to 10 years of age are strictly limited in our residence due to safety at the pool and noise. The only exception can be our repeater clients, family members and close friends with well-behaved children.

- extra bed: This is a high quality Intex inflatable bed, “Intex Queen Supreme Air-Flow” with a length of 203 cm, a width of 152 cm and a height of 51 cm. This option was chosen with regard to the size of our rooms and is a better choice than the classic, folding iron extra bed, which is commonly used not only in the Maldives. Our extra bed will comfortably sleep even a large adult.

- in front of each room you will find a comfortable bench with a table where you can read a book or enjoy afternoon coffee or tea


Open bathroom:

- toilet

- shower with hot and cold water

- wash basin

- toilet paper, soap, shower gel, hair shampoo and hair balm (with coconut scent or lemon grass of your choice)

- toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotion, sunscreen and other hygiene products can be purchased at our small shop Kuda Bazaar, which is part of Sangu's reception


Throughout our guest house you will find high quality and design tiles, sanitary and taps (stainless) from the United Arab Emirates by RAK Ceramics from the Emirate of Ras al Khaimah.

At Atholhu Residence is strictly prohibited smoking in the rooms and as well in open bathrooms!!!