Hedhikaa at Athiri by AR

Hedhikaa is a traditional maldivian afternoon snack served with black tea (including milk), mostly after afternoon prayers, which the Maldives call "Tea Time". Hedhikaa is possible to buy mostly from 13:00 to 17:00 h. Before 17 h. is already sold out. It is either fried tuna with coconut in dough that is similar to our puff pastry, chicken, sausage roll, etc. The tastiest ones are Bajiyaa - triangles filled with coconut and tuna, Bis Keemiya - squares filled with white cabbage and tuna and spices (sometimes egg), Masroshi - patties with tuna and coconut and also Gulha - balls with tuna and coconut and spicy and then sweet pastries. Kulhi Boakiba is a fish cake. Furthermore, various sweet cakes and buns. Hedhikaa belongs to the category of short eats. 

Beach Tea Time at Hedhikaa at Athiri by AR

But what does it mean Hedhikaa at Athiri by AR? Hedhikaa we call small stall with afternoon snacks, which you can find at our private beach Athiri by AR and where you can taste this amazing, not just typical maldivian afternoon snacks. Hedhikaa will be serverd daily according orders from our guests and daily activity and food plans.

Dress Code or Clothing suitable for the beach tea time at Hedhikaa at Athiri by AR

We do not require any evening gowns or official dress code for tea time, we only need to follow the dressing rules on the inhabited local island. If you feel good in leggings or in your tracksuit and cotton shirt, please put it on. More informations about Dress Code at Atholhu Residence and Fehendhoo Island.

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