Fehendhoo, Goidhoo Atoll, Maldives

Fehendhoo at Goidhoo Atoll in Maldives

The inhabited island Fehendhoo in Goidhoo Atoll in Maldives is a lost paradise. This narrow but long island with beautiful jungle and lush vegetation is surrounded by a huge lagoon and many sand banks, that change size and shape depending on the seasonal tides. There are several places near Fehendhoo Island where you can see mantas and snorkel with them all year round. Often can bee seen here whale sharks and whales as well. At our house reef live many different species of fish, stingrays, sharks, dolphins, turtles and other sea creatures. On the island Fehendhoo live only a little over 70 islanders and there are only 4 small guest houses and you can enjoy here the perfect peaceful holiday.

Fehendhoo, Goidhoo Atoll, Maldives

Sea grass near island Fehendhoo

The sea grass that surrounds the inhabited part of the island may be a small minus for someone, but thanks to this green carpet that oxygenates the sea water, we have many here life corals, turtles and reef sharks. The lagoon on the other uninhabited half of Fehendhoo is crystal clear, with no sea grass and you will find many sand banks.

Information about the island Fehendhoo and civic amenities of the island

The inhabited local island Fehendhoo (Dhivehi: ފެހެންދޫ) is located at Goidhoo Atoll, which administratively falls into Baa Atoll, which is one of the most sought after diving and fishing sites in the Maldives, especially for the barrier reef and lagoon „Hanifaru Bay“, which is home to hundreds of mantas and whale sharks. Since 2011, the entire Baa Atoll, including the Goidhoo Atoll, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a biosphere reserve.


Fehendhoo is approximately 97 km (60.20 mi) from Male 'and Velana Airport. The island of Fehendhoo is 2.16 km (1.342 mi) long and only 0.22 km (0.137 mi) wide, ie 220 m. At the narrowest point of the uninhabited part of the island, it is only 36 m wide.


Formal population is 107 (Census 2015) but on the island you meet only about 70 islanders. Many islanders live in the capital Male or on the island of Eydhaafushi on Baa Atoll.


At Fehendhoo it is now possible to find most of the facilities, two piers, the mayor's office, a brand new and soundproof generator located in the uninhabited part of the island, which means no bustle in the guest houses, one small café, one restaurant (opening November 2019), two tiny grocery stores, several beaches, special and fairly extensive bikini beaches for tourists, located in the uninhabited parts of the island where you are absolutely quiet and enjoy perfect privacy, a volleyball court, two football grounds (one with artificial grass), playground, two towers of mobile operators (Ooredoo and Dhiraagu), cable TV, mosque, doctor and first aid, water sports and activities center and diving center. Police, hospital, post office, more shops, etc. are on the neighboring island Goidhoo, which is only 5 minutes by small boat.


It is not possible to find a bank or ATM at Fehendhoo, but in the local shop it is possible to withdraw  rufia (MVR) using a payment terminal. The service is provided by the Bank of Maldives. When traveling to Fehendhoo it is good to have sufficient cash with you. An ATM or currency exchange can also be found at the airport. You can pay by debit or credit card at guest houses and hotels. Please, always take with you USD or MVR. At hotels and guest hosues is better to pay by USD.

Public facilities of island Fehendhoo:

- a large football ground

- a small football ground with artificial grass

- volleyball playground

- playground

- doctor

- 2 small shops with basic food and basic cosmetics

- public beach

- several snorkeling spots directly from the island

- smaller uninhabited island

- natural pool

- many snorkeling and diving locations to reach by boat

- many sand banks

- uninhabited islands


On the island there is

- diving center

- water sports center

- 1 small bistro with basic menu

- 1 restaurant with basic menu (from November 2019)

- gym (coming soon)

Ban of alcohol and drug imports throughout the Maldives

Alcohol and drug imports are prohibited throughout the Maldives. Alcohol consumption is only permitted on resorts and safari boats, and this means that you will not buy any alcohol at Fehendhoo.


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