Dress Code, Atholhu Residence, Fehendhoo

Dress Code during the stay at Atholhu Residence and Fehendhoo

Dress Code is in Maldives a very important thing. If you will follow and behave according the local traditions, locals will always pay back to you by the respect and big smile. In Maldives is the most comfortable to wear clothes from the cotton.

Required Dress Code at Atholhu Residence

At Atholhu Residence we do not require any specific or official dress code or evening robe, with only a few exceptions, we only need to adhere to the dressing rules at inhabited local island.


If you feel good in leggings, tracksuits or shorts and a cotton shirt, please wear it for dinner as well. We will be glad if you feel at Atholhu Residence like at your home. Even we prefer to wear comfortable home clothes, shorts or leggings and a longer shirt. You're going for vacation, not for a fashion show. Even locals or guests of 5* luxury resorts wear sweatpants or are barefoot. A tribute to comfort is a convenience, whether you pay for your vacation 100 USD or 10 000 USD or more.


While staying at the Atholhu Residence, we also tolerate clothes or shirts on hangers and of course at relaxing area​​Hiyani and by the pool swimsuit, both two-piece and one-piece. Attention, they can only be worn in the residence or on the beach “Bikini Athiri by AR” at the beautiful end of the island.


If you are planning a special candlelit dinner on the beach and the like, we recommend putting off your tracksuit and dress up “evening robe”.

Required Dress Code at all inhabited local islands like is Fehendhoo

Women can wear anything with at least a short sleeve and knee length, such as a short sleeved shirt without a deep neckline, or a dress or skirt with a knee length at least. Keep your clothes on hangers and sexy translucent clothes at home or keep it for a stay at the resort. When you need to wear clothes on hangers, throw a scarf or a light sweater over them.


Men can wear shorts, t-shirts and classic tank tops.


Bikini is possible to wear only at private bikini beaches (Bikini Athiri by AR), not at all beaches around the island. At other public beaches (Athiri by AR) is needful to wear shorts and t-shirt for swimming.

TIP: The most comfortable is in Maldives to wear clothers from the cotton.