Reservation and Booking Atholhu Residence

Book your stay at Atholhu Residence, transport and other services

How to book your stay at Atholhu Residence? Very easily, directly with us. We do prefer personal attitude instead of impersonal online reservation systems.

If you are interested in a price quote for your stay or if you would like to book Atholhu Residence, please write us an e-mail containing the information below:


If you are based in Europe and memeber of European Union or Schengen area, send us please an e-mail to Payments are possible in EUR.


If you are from the another part of our beautiful World, please send us direct e-mail to Payments are possible in USD.

We do our best to minimize the cost of bank fees for our clients, guests and for us as well and make reservations process more comfortable according tourism law. 

For price quotes & reservations need to be included in your email:

1) The exact travel dates of your stay with us at Atholhu Residence.


2) Your flight details, if you have flights ticket already. We need to know your flight details for reservation of the transfer to our island.


3) Provide us number of adults and children (with date of the birth). Stay of newborns, toddlers and preschoolers is prohibited at Atholhu Residnece. Children from 6 to 10 years old are strictly limited in our residence because of the safety at the pool and the possible noise created by uneducated children. The only exception can be the well-behaved children of our repeaters guests, family memebers and close friends. Maximum occupancy of the room is 3 adults or 2 adults and 1 child under the conditions mentioned above.


4) Please mark the subject of the email as follows: "Atholhu Residence, date of stay, your surname".

5) We will be very pleased if you tell us where you got to know about us. E.g. on referrals, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, magazine, internet article, discussion…

Attention Please! 

We do not accept requests to stay or book via social networks or chat application! The request for reservation or request for a proposal must be sent by official channels which is only e-mail. 


If we don‘t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours, please verify by SMS, WhatsApp or Viber on phone number +420 603 495 565, that the e-mail has been delivered to us. In today's virtual World are e-mails always lost, or we receive e-mails that are addressed to someone else. Especially Gmail users have a big email delivery problem. Their spam folders are always full of important emails and the inbox of the unimportant ones. I also use Gmail for personal use, I know what I'm talking about. Gmail users, if you are awaiting e-mail from us, please, check all of your spam folders. On the mobile phone are not visible all. The best way how to not miss our e-mail is to check your e-mail folders at desktop computer or notebook.

The exact opening date of Atholhu Residence is planned for the Autumn 2021.