Bikini Athiri by AR, Atholhu Residence, Fehendhoo, Maldives

Private Bikini Beach “Bikini Athiri by AR”

"Bikini Athiri by AR" is private bikini beach which is located in an uninhabited part of the island and is about 1.8 km away. Does it seem far away? Believe it’s not! Relax in complete privacy in the shade of the Dhiga trees and palm trees on the most beautiful beach of the entire Fehendhoo Island, which is washed by the crystal-clear sea. You can also walk to a few sand banks. You can get to the beach by a jungle path, either by walk (15 to 20 min. depending on walking speed) or by bike (up to 7 to 10 min.) or by boat for a small fee (5 to 7 min.)

At "Bikini Athiri by AR" you will find

- Jangali which is sitting and relaxing area in the shade of palm trees, where BBQ lunch is held “À la Castaway with coconut tasting at different stages of growth.”

- Holhuashi which is relaxation areas with swings and hammocks