Athiri by AR, Atholhu Residence, Fehendhoo

Private beach “Athiri by AR”

Private beach "Athiri by AR" large 1 000 m2 is located only about 60 m from the "guest house" Atholhu Residence. Private beach Athiri by AR is not Bikini Beach. Athiri by AR is used as the relaxation area Holhuashi, where you can find restaurant Masverin Ge Grill, water sports corner Muraka and much more.

Facilities of private beach "Athiri by AR"

At private beach "Athiri by AR" you will find:

- Masverin Ge Grill (Fisherman's Grill) with a soft drinks and juice bar and BBQ corner

- Hedhikaa which is small stall with afternoon snacks

- Holhuashi which is relaxation places with natural garden furniture, swings and hammocks

- Muraka which is center of non-motorized water sports and activities (canoe, paddle board and others)

- Baiskal which is a corner with bicycles

- Baiskoafuge which is mobile cinema on the beach

- Kudugudaa which is sheesha corner

- Fehi Bageechaa which is little herb paradise

Public facilities adjacent to Athiri by AR

- new and modern smaller football pitch with artificial grass

- beach volleyball court

It is possible to play football and volleyball with the locals every evening from 17:00 hrs. if they do not have official training. During the day you can play it without the locals just about other guests.