Araamu Kotari, Atholhu Residence, Fehendhoo, Maldives

Araamu Kotari, relax, have fun or read

Araamu Kotari is restaurant Raha in the time between meals, when Raha is not used as a restaurant. You can relax in the space, read a book, play board games or watch TV.

Various activities and excursions are prepared for the day here according daily schedule or when weather conditions are not good.

Every Thursday will be here a special Maldivian evening and night with a live performance by the local Bodu Beru Group, a traditional Maldivian drum. In case the band is off the island, which sometimes happens, as they may be on other shows, we will prepare a reproduced sample for you. 


In case of bad weather, all activities planned outiside will take place in Araamu Kotari.