Experiences at Fehendhoo, Maldives

Activities, excursions, trips and experiences with Atholhu Residence

At the island Fehendhoo and in the surrounding of Fehendhoo you can do a lot of things according the Maldivian laws, good manners and your own safety, many free of charge and paid activities, take part in many excursions and trips, and experience many experiences. Start from the relax on the beach, enjoy water sports, jet ski rides, walks in the rain, fishing, shopping, singing, reading your favorite book, snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing, picnics of the sand banks, romantic sunset cruises and much more.

List of activities that can be performed on Fehendhoo for free of charge

Exursions and activities which you can do by own for free of charge

- snorkeling available from island Fehendhoo: several different spots around the island including house reef

- relax or read a book on the private beach of Atholhu Residence, at Athiri by AR or Bikini Athiri by AR

- bathing & sunbathing on the bikini beach of Atholhu Residence

- jungle exploration: walking, running or cycling

- trip to the sand bank on your own: sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and picnic

- picnic on the beach

- football or volleyball with local or other guests

- walking along the beach at sunset

- observation of sunrise or sunset

- sightseeing of Male - the capital city or of Crossroads - the entertainment artificial island (on arrival or departure)

List of activities that can be performed on Fehendhoo for a fee

Exursions and activities organized by the AR Teemu or by the team of Atholhu Residence

- snorkeling: 5 or more spots in the neighborhood (mantas, whale shark, Hanifalhu Bay, Hanifaru Bay…)

- diving: manta, hammerhead, whale shark and many spots

- water sports: kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing (spot for beginners)

- fishing: morning and night (in case of catch, possibility to prepare own fish on grill)

- trip and picnic at Sand Bank (with or without food)

- trip or BBQ on uninhabited island (with or without food)

​- trip to neighboring inhabited islands of Gooidhoo or Fulhadhoo or to Baa Atoll, Thulhaadhoo or Eydhaafushi, capital of Baa Atoll

- trip to resorts at Baa Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, Royal Island Resort & Spa, Kihaa Maldives and Finolhu depending on availability and season

- lunch with a local family

- romantic dinner on the beach

- romantic cruise at sunset

- symbolic wedding ceremony or renewal of the wedding vow (From $ 700)

- and much more

TOP Seasons for various activities

- sunbathing: year-round, but the best time is from from December to April

- snorkeling and diving: mantas (all year round; top season from May to December) and whale shark (from July to November; top season is in October), the best visibility: January to April

- fishing: year-round, top season from late November to late April- kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing: May to January

- kitesurfing: May to January


A complete range of excursions, activities and experiences will be published soon on our website or you will find them at the reception and rooms at Atholhu Residence.